Celoteh Civitas

UIR-Funded Community Service

Universitas Islam Riau conducts Catur Dharma through the Directorate of Research and Community Service, bringing in the whole academic community to always contribute actively to give the benefit to the environment and public, both based on Islamic and nationality values.

Community service shares values of well-being based on Iman and Takwa

and a form and actualization of Catur Darma.

Community service is a shape and actuality of Catur Dharma Education that is also contained in UIR’s mission.

Self-Funded Community Service

Self-funded service is the service, other than UIR-funded, through which Universitas Islam Riau academics consistently can improve the culture and quality of community service and empowerment, as well as produce breakthrough ideas that can provide solutions to national and global problems and support good national independence individually or in groups.

Community Service Journal

Journal of Service is a management system that manages all service journals that have been published by Universitas Islam Riau. Find various journals that we have published via the link below.

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