Celoteh Civitas

Services for the Disabled

Reffering to Indonesian law No. xx 2016 about the disabled, the disabled are of every individual with physical, mental, and/or sensory limitations in long period of time within which experiences challenges to interact fully and effectively with their environment in accordance with equal rights among other fellow citizens.

Learning disability is condition which influences individual to comprehend and apply oral or written language, perform mathematical calculating, and coordinate physical movement (National Institute of Neurogical Disorder and Stroke). The foresaid affects respected individuals learning to think and/or comprehend (Learning Disabilities Association of Canada).

University Support to the Disabled

Councelling Services

Universitas Islam Riau is aware and cares towards problem faced by students individually and all university members in general. Therefore, Layanan Psikologi Terapan – Applied Psychology Service- at Psychology Faculty was developed from 2007 for students, lecturers, staff and public.

Awareness of Disability Issues

Universitas Islam Riau is committed to always raise awareness and create disable-friendly environment in our campus.

Parking Access

Our campus provides the disabled parking facilities both of two and four wheeled vehicles

Friendly User Interface

Our campus integrates services for inclusive learning. Beside responsive admin staff and other academic staff, supporting software – visual and audio- are provided for the disabled.

Disabled Access Map

Universitas Islam Riau sets a map of access to wheelchair, toilet and parking area for people with disabilities attached to almost all of buildings within campus area.

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