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Islamic Da'wah

Da’wah Islamiyah is one of the pillars in conducting the Catur Dharma of the Universitas Islam Riau. DDIK is a university-level institution that is given the mandate to carry out this dharma. In accordance with the vision and mission of the Universitas Islam Riau 2041, “To become a World- class Islamic University Based on Iman and Taqwa”. It further strengthens the existence of DDIK institutionally to carry out the mandate to implement the 4th dharma and Islamic values at this beloved UIR campus.

The implementation of the fourth dharma and a vision based on Iman and Taqwa are by applying the contents of the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, holding global insight education based on Iman and Taqwa, organizing Da’wah Islamiyah based on Bil Lisan, Bil Qalam, Bil Hal and Bil Hikmah, and organizing good Islamic university governance. Through this DDIK UlR profile, it is hoped that all academics and the community outside the campus can get to know more about DDIK UlR vision, mission, program and the personnel who lead it as illustrated in the organizational structure.

"To be World Class Islamic University
Based on Iman and Takwa

- The vision of Universitas Islam Riau -

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