Celoteh Civitas

Campus Facilities

Universitas Islam Riau provides facilities either for academic or non-academic purposes to support students to get the best learning experience during their studies. Because we believe that good quality education is presented through instilling a sense of security and comfort which is represented in facilities and infrastructure, both from faculty buildings and other public facilities

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities at Universitas Islam Riau are resources provided to support physical activities and fitness as well as to cultivate students’ interest in sports. These facilities also serve as academic activities for students in the Physical Education study program.

Campus Facilities

Campus facilities encompass infrastructure and services available within the campus environment to support academic activities for the academic community. These facilities are designed to create an environment conducive to learning, teaching, research, and other activities related to the four pillars of Universitas Islam Riau.

Student Accommodation

Residential facilities specifically designed for students, including both male and female dormitories, are provided with complete amenities and professionally managed to meet the needs of students studying at Universitas Islam Riau.

These dormitories are located within the Universitas Islam Riau campus environment. Additionally, there are rented rooms available offering various types of accommodations with diverse amenities such as internet access, parking facilities, access to common areas like kitchens or living rooms, and laundry facilities. 

Health Support Service

The healthcare facilities owned by Universitas Islam Riau aim to provide healthcare services for the academic community. The YLPI Primary Clinic can accommodate treatment equivalent to Primary Healthcare Facilities. Additionally, Universitas Islam Riau also collaborates with several hospitals located in the city of Pekanbaru.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom refers to the utilization of devices and technological tools to support the learning process and enhance the quality of education. This facility encompasses the use of various hardware and software, as well as access to online resources.

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